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There are lots of Private Investigators in NYC in this day and age, but not one of them can compare to us. We are highly experienced. We are immensely trained. We are full of tenacity and integrity. We are extremely professional. Who are we? We are RQ Investigations. The only private investigator in nyc that YOU will EVER need.

If you are ever in need of a solution to a specific problem that you are having, a problem that has been bothering you so much that you are losing sleep because of it. Maybe it is time to take that next step. Maybe it is time to call us. We at RQ Private Investigations are here for you. Contact us anytime by clicking here or by calling us at these toll free numbers: Long Island Office: 631-730-7868 | New York Office: 212-729-7798. We are more than happy to help you and guide you in any way we possibly can.

The Leading Private Investigators in NYC are here to help you.

RQ Private Investigations specializes in almost all facets of private investigations in nyc. We currently offer a wide variety of private investigation services, from background investigations, surveillance, infidelity investigations and criminal defense investigations just to name a few. RQ Investigations, we have got you covered.

RQ Investigations team gets the job done in a timely, accurate and affordable manner.

Choosing the wrong private investigator in nyc can give you more problems than you started with and could cost you more money. Hire the most efficient and reliable private investigation firm in nyc. Hire RQ Investigations. Our experience and approach generates faster and accurate results.

Why Hire RQ Private Investigators?

Simply put we are the best at what we do. Our staff members consists of highly trained former NYPD Officers, Federal Agents and US Armed Forces. All of them are licensed Private Investigators in NYC. All of them have professional experience and not one of them are trainees. Unlike other private investigator firms who employ trainees.

RQ Investigations Private Investigators are highly skilled and trained in using cutting edge technology for a more efficient and effective investigation.


Private Investigator NYC Services Offered:

We at RQ Investigations specialize in a wide range of investigation types. From Infidelity investigations to background checks, we at RQ Investigations guarantee that we can do something to help you.

If you do have a specific problem that you can’t find in the list provided below, we highly suggest to call or contact us. We are open 24 hours and are always happy to help.


  • Criminal History Search
  • Civil Record Checks
  • DMV Searches
  • Professional License Verification


  • All Digital Equipment
  • Night Scope Cameras
  • Hidden/Covert Cameras
  • Telescopic Lenses


  • Infidelity Matters
  • Office Relationships
  • Undercover Operations
  • Debugging Checks


  • Trial Prep
  • Subpoena Service
  • Notary Service
  • Plaintiff Sign-Ups


  • Witness Locates
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Alibi Reinforcement Interviews
  • Crime Scene Investigations


  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations
  • General Liability Investigations
  • Disability Investigations
  • Site Investigations/Inspections


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RQ Private Investigators Covers a Lot of Areas, Not Just in NYC!

Areas We Cover

R.Q. Investigations is a professional and multi-lingual Private Investigations firm based out in New York City. We provide timely, accurate, affordable and efficient investigations services to our clients. We serve the entire area of New York and their respective boroughs as well as New Jersey.

“ RQ INVESTIGATIONS is our #1 choice for investigation services in connection with our most valuable and complex personal injury cases. If you want and need the most professional and comprehensive investigation team in all of New York State, then RQ INVESTIGATIONS is for you. You will definitely be satisfied with their services ”
Brandon M. Cruz, Esq.
“ I was looking for a reliable Surveillance & Investigation Company in the New Jersey and New York area’s and had been striking out, the groups I used had caused me more heart ache than good! Then I was introduced to RQ Investigations…I have used them now several times with great results, their knowledge of their field is on point and their eagerness to serve is a cut above the rest”
Michael Davis | Director Of Risk & Loss Control, Allegiant Professional
“ I loved the work your firm did and have made sure all of my attorneys consider your firm when they need surveillance. I have made certain everyone in the firm knows it. Attorneys who have been members of the bar for over 20 years were very impressed and couldn’t believe I found you on the internet “
Patricia A. O’Connor, Esq., Brody, O’Connor and O’Connor, Esquires

rq-private-investigators-long-island-nyc-storyPrivate Investigators in NYC: The RQ Investigations Story.

Founded by Miguel Rodriguez, an expert in the field of private investigation in nyc. He believed that helping others is the thing he wanted to pursue in his life. He dedicated himself in becoming one of the best private investigators in nyc. Working under different private investigation firms for more than 20 years. He made use of that time in refining and honing his skills to become one of the best private investigators in nyc today.

Armed with the experience that he has acquired throughout the years under the best private investigators in nyc. He finally decided to obtain his Private Investigator License and start his own company. He qualified for licensure in New York and in New Jersey at first and extended it to Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Since starting RQ Investigations, the firm has been praised by multitude of companies, as well as clients who RQ Investigations helped during their time of need.

Fast forward a couple of years later, RQ investigations has grown, and now has culturally diverse field staff to mirror the melting pot population of New York and New Jersey. Our staff consists of women and men of various races and ethnic origins, allowing us to interact in every possible location with ease.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Infidelity Investigations

Let’s be honest here, not knowing that your spouse is cheating on you sucks. You get depressed, you lose sleep, you can barely look at your spouse in the eye. It can be very disruptive to your life. Why not hire a Private Investigator in NYC just to help you get down to the bottom of it. RQ Investigations can help you uncover evidence of infidelity. They can take photographs and video evidence discreetly and let you know that your spouse is guilty or not. For your peace of mind, just hire a Private Investigator in NYC.

Background checks for your business

Want to make sure that company you want to be in business with is legit? A private investigator can help you by researching and investigating a business entity to make sure you are doing business with a reputable and legit company.

Child Custody Cases

I’m pretty sure you want to win custody of your child. Winning a child custody case isn’t as easy as just saying to the judge “My wife/husband is bad with children”. You must uncover facts that are not only true but admissible in a court of law. Private investagators in nyc can help you with these. They can help you in uncovering facts and evidence plus testify as a witness in court.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is only getting worse. Stealing your personal information and commiting a crime under your name is not fun at all. Credit card fraud is one form of identity theft. Seek help from a Private Investigator in NYC. They can help you identify the culprit of the one who stole your identity and then help create a report that is then given to law enforcement.

Background Checks: Dating & Marriage

How much do you really know about that guy or gal you met online or even at the bar? Before going on that first date, especially if it looks to good to be true, maybe it is just smart to hire a Private Investigator in NYC. They can give you a wide variety of background checks, from criminal records or simply just verifying the basic stuff, like education, employment, date of birth and more. Remember not all that is being posted on his or her social media is necessarily true, verify the truth behind the profile.
Thinking about marrying that girl you met online? Before getting her that visa, it pays to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. RQ Private Investigators can help you verify EVERYTHING you need to know before marrying her.

Background Checks: Employment

What do you really know about that potential employee you want to hire? For all you know he could have just been straight out lying about his accomplishments and just sweet talking you to hire him. Don’t be a victim. Hire a Private investigator in NYC to help you verify your candidates in detail. It will give you that peace of mind and determine if that certain individual is qualified and competent before you hire them.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Win that personal injury lawsuit! Private investigators in NYC can help you find clues, key witnesses and other pivotal information to get you that win in court.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

$80 Billion Dollars is stolen each year because of insurance fraud. It is one of the largest crimes in America. They vary in styles and techniques too. Fake car crashes, arson and faking an injury is just some of the examples. Hiring a private investigator in NYC can help you in uncovering the truth. They can help you keep potential scammers away or gather evidence to help you put that scammer in jail.

Stalker Investigations

If you feel that you are being stalked and need help or advice, try hiring a private investigator in nyc. RQ Private Investigators can be a valuable ally to have in the fight against your stalker. Private Investigators are trained to gather evidence, and provide protection if they feel that your life is threatened.

Criminal Investigations

Believe it or not, even law enforcement agencies need help sometimes. Limited resources and higher crime rates is so common nowadays that not even the police can help you investigate your case or give it the attention that it really needs. Enter Private Investigators in NYC, they can help you when sometimes even the local law enforcement can’t.